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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thoughts on Life After Kyle Lake

This is part of a wonderful post from Craig Nash. Thoughts on life without Kyle Lake...

Rest assured and don't lose heart-- I do not blame God. The person who has helped me get through Kyle's death is Kyle. The God Kyle worshiped, the God Kyle modeled and who I adopted because of Kyle, is a God who does not cause all things to happen, but allows us to live in a world where fatal accidents happen and who grieves with us.

All I can say is what David has said...

"Lord I'm tired
So tired from walking
And Lord I'm so alone
And Lord the dark is creeping in
Creeping up to swallow me
I think I'll stop
Rest here awhile
And didn't you see me crying?
And didn't you hear me call your name?
Wasn't it you I gave my heart to?
I wish you'd remember where you set it down."


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