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Monday, August 28, 2006

Luna Halo & Austin, TX

Austin is one of the coolest cities in North America. I have been there several times, but this past weekend we got around to some great food, music, and shopping. Some of our highlights included The Boat Yard and Chez Zee.

Austin didn't know what hit it when Luna Halo torn the stage up FRI night @ Stubb's. They didn't take the stage until after 1AM. I felt for the guys. They didn't get off the stage until 2AM, had to fly back to Nashville @ 5:30AM to play Buzzfest @ 1PM on SAT...then back to Austin to drive to Dallas. My boys have been on the road for 6 weeks straight!!!

HEAR ME NOW and LISTEN TO ME LATER. Luna Halo is one of the BEST BANDS on planet earth!!!! Check them out HERE. Don't wait for the BANDwagon.

Self-proclaimed to be the "live music capital of the world" Austin most definitely lives up to the hype everytime. We didn't get out of the Luna Halo show until 2:30AM and the city was still up and rockin'...probably pretty drunk, but still going. Cary and I had a girl pass out and fall into us as she does a face plant on the cement floor at Stubb's. Ouch. We did try to help her for the record. In case you were wondering Austin was said to be the 4th drunkest cities in the US. After hangin' there for a bit I can see why. Rock N Roll + college + 100 degrees + 1/2 price booze = 4th drunkest city in USA.

Stay weird Austin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a sweet place. I've never been there, but I have friends that have.

Luna Halo is great. They sound a little like the Killers, but MORE ROCK!


9:56 AM  
Blogger llessica said...

I love and hate Austin. It's pretty, but it's the town of my college rival. Plus, it's a town of drunks. It's pretty much ridiculous, but it's still Texas, so it still owns most other towns..but Nashville has no competition in Austin.

3:00 PM  
Blogger *The Blogstar said...

Jessica, Hmmm. Drunk people need love too. :)

I heard several bands that night around town. Luna Halo FROM NASHVILLE made them ALL look bad. So that was fun. Too bad only about 6 people heard them. The others were too drunk after seeing something...Ragweed.

Great food and shopping AND music = great city. It is too bad that the University of Texas is also located there.

Go Ohio State!!!!

11:18 AM  

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