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Friday, February 09, 2007

re:create & EMI CMG Summit

Another year of the re:create conference has come and gone. I am worn... in a good way.

Some highlights were, Rick Demsey, Dean Batali, Lou Marcos, the Mooring family (Leeland), some amazing food (as always), and some good hang time with some of the coolest lead worshipers and pastors from around the world (thats right Mark).

So many of the attenders are so very passionate about their art and their faith. That was another one of my take aways. Randy, thanks for being a dreamer.

For part of the day today I was invited to be a part of a cool "thinktank" gathering at EMI CMG in Brentwood. Some of the peeps from re:create and some other music industry peeps were in a small room talking, thinking, and learning about songwriting, leading worship, publishing, and hearing the backgrounds on some popular worship songs from the writers themselves. (I had some video, but my &*#^)#$@*&! camera died).

In attendance...
Brenton Brown, Leeland Mooring, Matt Mauer, Mark Byrd, and a few others.

A few take aways from re:create and the EMI / Worship Together Summit....

-Never give up on creating amazing progressive art, no matter what surrounding you find yourself in.

-I need and should write more why don't I? (oh yeah, where is the time?!?!)

-We need better relationships with our pastors, so that we can unite with vision & trust for our church and community & THE KINGDOM.

-We are not alone in our struggles.

-Dreaming isn't dead.


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