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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FILM: Shooter & Reign Over Me

We saw 2 new movies this past week. Shooter & Reign Over Me are 2 great films in my opinion.

Shooter (R) had a good story, and a great cast, except for that one guy. While the film was pretty good over all, there were a few moments that were fairly predictable by hollywood standards. By the time the payoff / climax happens you forget about anything and everything that you don't like about the movie. Guys will really dig this one. DISCLAIMER: this was one of the most violent films that I have seen in a long while. Violent by the nature of the story, not for gross hollywood eye candy (hence the R rating). It helped bring the story to life.
We really enjoyed Reign Over Me (PG 13) as well. Great casting. Adam Sandler was almost perfect. You could tell that he was completely at home filming in New York. The story development stalled a bit towards the back side, but one can use their imagination to make up for it... or maybe I missed a key part of a scene. Reign Over Me, what a heart felt story. I hurt for this guy through the film. DING DANG IT!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard Shooter was good too. I am there this weekend. Also looking forward to Blades Of Glory. Should be fun.

Reign On Me looks sad. Don't know if I can do that.


7:46 AM  

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