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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Donald Miller Artist Retreat- Part 1

Porter's Call in a organization in my area that reaches out the the Artist who live around here. The greater Metro region (Nashville) is home to thousands of professional Artists, Entertainers, and Musicians, and Porter's Call helps meet a great need for understanding some of these artists.

Back in January I was invited to an Artist Retreat w/ Donald Miller. About 100 artists came out for 2 days of conversation, interaction, study, and refection. It was frikin' GREAT! I think that the majority of us in the room were starving for something like this. I would dare to say that very few of us (if any) had ever experienced anything like it, even at our individual churches.

It is hard for any of us (especially artists) to let down our walls and allow ourselves to be encouraged, refreshed, and yes, even blessed. I am learning how to be more transparent as I go. I find myself almost preaching "authenticity", but then I realize that the current of the world is SCREAMING "take control", "do it", "make a name for yourself." There isn't much room for being real. I definitely need to be moved by something MUCH larger than myself. I have found that peace and surrender in Jesus. Please don't let anyone ever tell you that peace and surrender come overnight. That is BS. If is does, that it is supernatural.

Donald wrote a little note in my books that I had him sign (hey, people do it to me with CD's, so...) that said "...Much grace to you on this journey!" We are ALL on a journey towards the end. Regardless of what you believe is after the end, it is good to know peace and surrender on this side.

Tomorrow I will talk more about the Retreat itself.


Anonymous Dennis said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your experience with the retreat. Millers writings have been having a huge influence on me and some friends as of late. There are a group of 12 of us that meet for breakfast every Wednesday that have been reading "Blue Like Jazz" together. I think Miller needs to blog. Think we can convince him?

1:44 PM  

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