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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What's New

Comic Jim Gaffigan is new to me. This guy had me laughing out loud for at least 15 minutes. note: Some of you might find some of his act a little edgy (religious issues).

Brock Gill has a blog that you should check out!

The 20 somethings community (IKON) that I am a part of here in Franklin has a new site up. You know, the one that Shaun Groves speaks at!?!?? Go HERE to peep it out.

P.O.D.' s new CD is out and is really good.

Donald Miller's new book "To Own A Dragon" releases FEB 5th.

There might be something that I over looked....

Oh the new cover of RollingStone? Naaah. I covered that one a few days ago. j/k



Blogger supersimbo said...

brocks blog looks good man, cheers for the link to it, im looking forward to seeing his dvd.................

1:26 PM  
Anonymous brock said...

thanks for spreading the news about the blog. see ya next week.

9:18 PM  

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