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Monday, July 23, 2007

Buy (Less) Crap

"Shopping Is Not A Solution. Buy (Less). Give More.

Join us in rejecting the ti(red) notion that shopping is a response to human suffering.

We invite you to donate directly to the (RED) campaign's beneficiary The Global Fund and to these other charitable causes... without consuming." - Buy Less Crap

This probably won't be on Oprah with Bono, but this is interesting. Read HERE.

(I have supported the (Red) Campaign and I will not bash the cause, but we should consume less... especially here in the states).


Anonymous Stephen said...

This is great. I am glad someone is stating the obvious. Consuming is NOT the answer.

Thanks for the post.


8:39 AM  
Anonymous Rich said...

Consuming is indeed a fact of life. So, the pragmatist in me says "why not have your purchase support a cause?" Yes, consuming more will not help anything but landfills. But, does this have to be an "either or" thing, or can it be something a bit more gray? Should I feel guilty because I can buy an iPod? No. I should feel guilty for not sharing my resources. But, can I do both? Maybe. Just, maybe.

10:30 PM  
Blogger *The Blogstar said...

Maybe... just maybe Rich.

Bottom line, I believe is that we SHOULD consume less.

Humans, especially Americans are the biggest consumers on the planet. WE should consume less.

Something about this resonates in my heart and mind.

Thanks for chimming in bro.

Hope life is good in N CAL.


10:57 PM  

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