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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Donald Miller Artist Retreat- Part 2

Did you know that St. Patrick was British and that he spoke latin? Anways...

So many people (not just artists) are thirsty for authenticity. We are realizing that it is okay to ask questions about truth, life, beliefs, and spirituality.

Don taught using parts of his books Blue Like Jazz, and Searching For God Knows What. I took 4 pages of notes. Don started talking about how we all seem to be getting tired of asking "how" questions and how we are starting to ask "why" questions.

As a follower of Jesus (as Don is), I tend to gravitate towards "who" being the answer to the "why" and "how" questions. That who for me is God. He says "I AM". Our culture doesn't want to receive that answer. If we believe that God created the chemicals in our brains to experience creation, we must matter to Him. I guess it starts with faith though.

Don went on to talk about how Jesus taught to live life by TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, ART (repeat). Truth is what we need (if we want to hear it or not) and art gets our attention. Since the fall (of mankind) we tend to look to a jury of peers to find our value. That has got to be true. From elementary school to the present day. We fight for our importance everyday. Think about road rage. Tom Arnold was even quoted saying "people like me are broken people looking to others to get approval."

As an artist, I plan on trying to learn more as I live, continue surrendering life to One higher than me, and hopefully people can see that my value, (though encouragement and judgment do still affect me) comes from the One who made me.

I want to thank Don for being willing to write the words he does, and to ask the hard questions that many are too timid to ask and address. Keep bringing the TRUTH.


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