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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More From The Road

I am in Santa Fe, NM for about 3 days. This is one of my favorite place to come through.

Yesterday I popped in the new Coldplay CD and walked around looking at God's creation. What a time!!! I realize that I haven't talked much about the X & Y. I cannot stop listening to it. My plan is to learn all the material so I can fill in for Chris if he gets sick. Whatever...Great record.

We are getting some great response everynight when we do the new song that Dave and I wrote called "I Will Run (Into Your Arms)". It will be on the Live CD that will release sometime in September or October of this year.

More to come.


Blogger Paula said...

Hey! There's a Planetshakers song by that name; well it's actually called "Run Into Your Arms" - v. good song.

6:48 PM  

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