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Friday, May 27, 2005

Where Songs Go To Die

Last night I found where songs go to die. Why no one ever talks about this I'll never understand. All of the songs that VH1 slam, and slander, all the "one hit wonders", and so forth....I found where they go to die!!!

The supermarket! In my case, Kroger. During my usual late night market run for the essentials I was stopped in my tracks to the sound of Jon Secada, and Paula Abdul (yes, she was a singer before she was a judge on American Idol). I believe it took 2 songs in a row to wake me from my task zoned self.

As I started to pay attention after the 2 80's hits, things started getting strange. I felt myself sinking into an odd state of thought process. For about 10 minutes, I was in a time warp zone that left me hopeless and abandoned. With each passing song I was left feeling like I was in a cruel experiment. Someone somewhere was charting my reaction to each passing "dead song"...New Kids On the Block, and other bands that I never knew (eventhough I had heard the song before) *NSYNC song that I have never heard!!! What is that!??! A 12 year old Justin Timberlake?!!?

Beware the next time you visit your local supermarket late at night (because that is when they do the experiments), for you too might experience the strange twisted sensation of Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson.


Blogger supersimbo said...

Vh1 rocks for songs that you forget and think are dead........not dead just hanging out somewhere else

5:02 PM  
Blogger mattroden said...

Hey-believe it or not-it's where some songs are discovered. I heard a song in a Kroger on New Years' Eve (about to ring in 2001) and couldn't get the song out of my head for years. I knew no title, no artist, just the hook. It wasn't until last year that Google led me to the song on iTunes, and the song was from an indie artist. I am probably the only person who even knows the song exists, but hey-you never know, you might hear some good stuff on K-Roger Radio.

9:05 PM  
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