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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Top 25 Songs From My Current Playlist

I usually go through times that I either listen to music from time to time or don't listen to it at all, BUT right now I can't stop myself from listening to everything I can. There is so much great new music out right now. Feel free to go through my list and check out some things that you might not be familiar with by clicking on the artist name.

*must check out!

1. E-Pro- Beck (my Fave Beck record so far)*
2. Pin Your Wings Down- Copeland (one of my Fave bands!!!)*
3. Let Go- Frou Frou
4. Bullet- Mat Kearney
5. Angel With No Wings- Kevin Max
6. We're So Far Away- Mae (upcoming rockers that write real music)*
7. You Found Me- Kelly Clarkson (got a problem with it?!?!)
8. Somebody Told Me- The Killers (on of the best records of 2004!)*
9. Michelle- The Beatles
10. Speed Of Sound- Coldplay (can't wait for the new record)
11. All Because of You- U2
12. Renaissance- Mat Kearney
13. Sleep- Copeland (one of my favorite songs right now!!!)*
14. Rewind- Stereophonics (one of my Fave records for 2005 & one of my Fave sites)*
15. Everyday- Travis
16. Hear Me Out- Frou Frou
17. Girl- Beck
18. Signs- Snoop Dogg, J.T., & Charlie Wilson (that's right!)
19. Triple Trouble- Beastie Boys (some of the best beats ever!!!)
20. Beautiful- Beggars Fortune
21. What A Friend- Delirious? (one of my Favorite worship bands)*
22. Last Night's Daydream- downhere
23. Hysteria- Muse (one of my Fave bands!)*
24. Blue Skies- Patti Griffin
25. California- Rufus Wainwright (amazing melodies and lyrics)


Blogger supersimbo said...

some cool stuff chad man

5:44 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I don't have a problem with Kelly, but "You Found Me" is one of the weaker songs on the album! It sounds like it was straight from some CCM girl singer's cd.

Where is "Because of You", "Addicted", "Behind These Hazel Eyes", or any of the other good ones??

10:07 PM  

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