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Friday, April 22, 2005

Larry King Live "What Happens After We Die?"

A few weeks ago I wrote about the visibility of religious and spiritual topics in the media. Last Friday once again I found myself watching TV and "What Happens After We Die?". Live with Larry King had guests from all across the faith spectrum. The President of American Atheists (let's call her PAA) was very engaging. I include this lady as a part of the faith spectrum because I believe that it takes faith to not believe in a higher power.

While the four gentlemen disputed several subjects, the PAA was there to just wait to shine the light right back on the four religious men, saying "look around right now on the show. These 4 men of faith can't even get along. If they all believe in God why can't they get along? Faith is about people in the end, not God. People want something that makes them deny the reality of dying. When you die, that's it." Host Larry King kept making passing comments to the PAA saying "it's just sad", meaning that it was sad that she just believed that we live life and then we die, nothing else. Where I agree that it is sad to have no hope for something after life, this lady better hope that she is right.

I don't really remember anything else that was applicable to the show's title "What Happens After We Die?" Most of the show was about questioning your faith. I have thought for quite a while that if you never question your faith, you can never get fully have faith. It wasn't until I questioned my faith and beliefs that God then met me where I was. A relationship with Jesus started and I began to lessen. I am grateful that I am dying as I live. Does that make sense? The stronger our faith grows, the less room we have for ourselves. Make no mistake, it can and will be painful.

Be alert to some of Larry's shows. He has many religious/ spiritual topics on the show.


Blogger supersimbo said...

larry i don't watch cuz i dont have here is crap man, but i occassionally check out his stuff on the net

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I caught part of this show. Sounded like a very interesting discussion. Wish I would have caught all of it.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Futile Emotion said...

I really liked the show - and the Athiest had some good arguments, such as why we let people live on life support for so long if theres an after life waiting. It started with what each faith's heaven and hell is like, and then continued on which person's view was actually right. I thought the [Jewish?] person seemed to come out on top with his views that good people go to heaven regardless of faith.

And we need to support all of their views for three reasons. One, its the right thing to do - we expect the same respect of our faith, no? Two, there are many, many religions, and we can't all be right (although we all claim to be). And lastly, in the Bible it says that the worst thing in the world is to be luke-warm about your faith - it is better to not believe at all, so you can later find faith.

Your comment "this lady better hope that she is right" is absolutely no reason to believe in any God. Its the most logical - what do you win by not believing? At best it all ends with death (which is what some people would argue is hell). But you can't base a relationship with God on making the smart choice.

1:55 PM  

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