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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My First Single

Artist, friend, and fellow Pastor of IKON Shaun Groves just let me know that his first single off of his new upcoming CD (White Flag), is going to be Bless The Lord. Jay Hall and I wrote this song a couple of years ago right after 9/11. We (Among Thorns) recorded it on the Draw Near CD, as well as another friend of mine Jason Morant on his debut CD Abandon, but it was never a single.

Bless The Lord has been a vehicle of worship at my church for a while now. It is very humbling to hear what the heart of the song means to people, very humbling indeed. Click here to order "Live At Home" (DVD @ The People's Church) which includes Bless The Lord, Mark Lee's Show Me Your Glory, Your Renown, and more.

Check out Shaun's site to hear more news on "White Flag".


Blogger Mark said...

Dude, rock on!!! That's got to be pretty exciting. Let me tell you, that's an amazing song and I'm glad to see other people are finally figuring it out!

11:24 AM  

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