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Friday, April 15, 2005

Enough Blue Like Jazz Already...

One of my favorite books is Blue Like Jazz. It speaks to so many of us that believe in the church and spirituality, but get frustrated when WE get in the way.

Don's book Searching For God Knows What is STRONG. I just finished it. If you got into Blue Like Jazz and you wanted it to get a little deeper...GO GET SFGKW. One chapter specifically rings loud...The Lifeboat. Once again Donald Miller is talking about things that we all have struggled with and will probably continue to struggle with this side of eternity. Everyone wants to be valued. We in America especially get blasted everyday by the imagery of what we should look like, drive, etc... All in hope that it will please our peers. "please don't throw me out of life's boat..please think that I am important, cool, and wanted."

If you haven't read Blue Like Jazz, you must. If you have, well you can pick where you left off, and go deeper with Searching For God Knows What. Donald elaborates on some of his passing thoughts and epiphanies . Have a good read.

Don, if you read this I enjoyed both books and will enjoy them for years to come...just like you say you enjoy "our" music (I still don't believe you). I know that you are somewhere starting Blue Like Jazz 2...hahaha


Blogger supersimbo said...

great book 4 sure man

6:14 PM  
Blogger Breezze said...

Hey! I would love to discuss Don's book sometime. I have found myself dealing with all the same issues as "Blue Like Jazz"... and yet right now... especially after travel... finding myself so tired about the struggle agaisnt "christianity" or the struggle agaisnt the "culture of christianity"...which I think is the oldest of struggles which separates and divides. It's harsh because in my own struggle I find myself judgemental of the very way that I felt and acted for years...

Okay enough... it's my first time commenting on your BLOG... found yours on my friends website. I've really enjoyed your insights. Despite my "struggle" with that particular issue in Don's book... I really did LOVE his book.

3:12 PM  

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