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Monday, March 28, 2005

Watch Out For These Rock Artists!

New Rock bands are making their way to the forefront for the masses to enjoy. These are a few that have peaked my ear....

Paramore: A new fresh young band from Franklin (TN). They have potential to be frikin' great! Lead singer Haley Williams is one of the most talented teenagers I have ever known. It is good to see more Alternative/ Rock music coming out of our area. We have quite enough of Christian, Country, and Pop "stuff". Stay tuned for more on Paramore.

Copeland: I have had my eye and ear on these guys for over a year now. Their new CD (In Motion) just dropped last week, and all I can say is WOW! These guys are really stepping into their own. ATL (Atlanta) is known for it's Hip Hop and R & B, but Copeland will help the Rock scene be noticed for sure! Spiritually you find lots of truth in their music.

Lovedrug: It is only fitting that I have to spotlight these guys right after Copeland. They have toured together a lot. I'll be honest and say up front that you will either like the lead vocal or hate it. Musically it is fun. They sound a bit like The Music (opening band for Coldplay last tour) only you don't feel like your high when you listen to them. They have an amazing underground following. Ohio represent!!!

Luna Halo: My personal favorite. They are well toured and known in europe and parts of the US. If you have followed Christian music at all you might have heard of the name. MAKE NO MISTAKE, they won't be at the next "See You At The Pole" rally or whatever. After getting real with their passion for art & really just Rock and Roll, they dropped the CCM thing and now want to just make likey. They just finished several opening spots for Hoobastank, and are headed back to europe with Kevin Max this coming month. Be on the lookout for their upcoming CD over the next few months. You will hear them for the first time again soon.


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