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Monday, April 04, 2005

Tsunami Rebuilding Efforts- Part 1

Jennifer (my wife) just got back from helping with a team rebuilding some areas devastated by the tsunami of Dec. 26th. The region is being shaken literally in more ways than one. The Dec quake was 9.0, last Sat. they has a small 6.0, and then an 8.7 last Monday. Jen said that everytime the earth moves now, the people would run for higher ground. They all assiocate earthquakes with the tsunami now.

All of the stories of the people that Jen spent time with put things a little closer for viewing. We are all people created by the same process and face some of the same problems in life. BUT, for us to know the affects of a tsunami is almost TOTALLY foreign.

In Part 2 we'll talk more about what some of these teams did and what needs to be done from here. Hopefully the efforts will continue to be accepted and people will be willing to go help. Hope needs to be given and recieved for these wonderful people.


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