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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sexuality, Meth (Drugs), and the Church

Drugs (meth)
Almost every other week or so I see and hear more and more about meth use. Those of you that know me well know that I have seen my sister go through a lot of drug related issues. Many of her "friends" use meth, and will probably meet their maker sometime over the next year. Check out this article about the rise of meth use among youth here.

Drugs aren't something that we talk about much within the walls of the church. You might hear a "say no to drugs" thing in the youth ministries, or small group setting, but other than that... We might not feel like we need to talk about drugs because drug users aren't the first people that come to mind when one thinks of church. The truth is I personally know several people who do certain kinds of drugs that attend church at least once or twice a month.

I'm not really trying to open up a major debates or anything. I am just thinking out loud. Thank you blogosphere.

Homosexuals & Heterosexuals
How is it that we can have homosexuality as the hot button, but we dismiss heterosexual porn? I personally have several gay friends that attend either my church or other churches in my area. A couple of guys that I talk to regularly really have issues with how the church (really high profile religious leaders) will be so quick to hit the scapegoat button with gays, but never address straight issues such as porn addiction.

When I used to lead and teach at our church's youth camps every year I would teach a class just for guys. We would cover topics from relationships and holiness, to pride and porn. After every class I would have a line of young teenage guys that wanted to talk about their addictions to porn. Obviously the church doesn't talk about some of these issues as much as we should. Probably because it is not a pleasant thing to speak on. It makes us all uncomfortable, and church should be a safe place and comfortable place, right?! It is easier to talk about pride, being a better person, tipping our servers more than 15%, and light weight issues, but sin is sin.

Just thinking out loud:)

*I feel like I must address the fact that some churches have ministries that deal with addictions, but not much comes from the stage.


Blogger supersimbo said...

good points here man, i hate hearing people being really harsh and critical of one type of "bad" sin cuz like you say......its all sin

6:05 AM  

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