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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tour Update

Here are a couple posts from about our summer farewell tour.

"a person in need of a purpose in life 12:27:48 06/14/05
you know what? i got something to tell ya'll
i never believed in that jesus crap!
but after hearing a couple of your songs
somethimg inside of me clcked like BAM!
you guys play the most inspirational songs ever! and me being an acid rock junkie, i was impressed! but if you guys put that much heart into your music that, you ain't singin like for nothin, guess there is a god maybe you wanna help me learn a little more about this god, might be interesting and in the meantime ill be listening to your music!
hope i hear from ya :) "

"Montana Bates 12:04:01 06/14/05
Wild week
hey, i recently watched yall at wild week in IL. yall did an AWESOME job! i bought 2 of your cds and im planning to get the other ASAP. u guys are the best. thanks so much for your music, u have made a major impact in my life. i love you guys! i hope God will continue to bless you all.
luv alwayz,


There were some more interesting posts as well. After it is all said and done, I can only hope that we are helping in the cause to be more aware of the Kingdom. Teenagers can change the world when they are impassioned to bring the Kingdom to earth by how they live life.

I'll post more as it happens, and I can get online!


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