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Monday, August 29, 2005

Some Follow Up....The Religious Checklist

So many people have had interest in the Religious Checklist post over the past week.

I have received several more emails than comments. Mark was right about the coolness of the blogosphere, being able to talk about these kinds of things without getting all harsh and abrasive...not to say that I haven't received any abrasive emails:)

The basic thought is very simple and somewhat self explanatory. If the Checklist signifies a list of rules that make us feel better about ourselves compared to those who don't really follow a list, we should overhaul the way we live a bit. Nothing can be substituted for a true relationship with our Creator, including a checklist. There have been some great points made through comments and emails.

Here are just a few comments and or emails...

"Maybe I am a little naive about "Bible Belt" beliefs, but why does everyone get weird about the whole drinking thing in the south? Most of the best fellowships that I have ever had in my 34 years of life have been had over a brew at a local pub with friends that feel like church is just a dead, dry, religious social club that people feel safe in because we don't let sinners in. Shouldn't the church be the very place they (we) are WELCOME? And besides going back to what you said, it isn't a sin to drink just as is isn't a sin not to drink. How absurd we can be. Beating our own body up instead of encouraging and loving each other. The world will beat us up enough. Chad, sorry for the rant, but I am just so over OUR games."
Emailed to *Blogstar at 8/22/05

"What so many people fail to understand is that doing any of these things or not doing any of these things doesn't make them more or less of a sinner. We are all guilty, and as God's elect, washed by the blood of the Lamb."
Posted by Anonymous to *Blogstar at 8/25/2005 09:27:21 PM

"i hope this doesn't sound rude, but i'm kinda sick of people knockin' "not drinking and not smoking and not cussing." though there are those totally superficial ones out there who just stick to the don't's in order to appear more holy, there ARE those who really want to genuinely LIVE the thing and this is what they feel God has led them to."
Posted by Lindsay to *Blogstar 8/18/05

We can all learn from living life together, and even continue to love others that aren't just like ourselves. If we can't love each other, how can we love the world we live in? I am grateful to everyone that has put some thoughts out there for us all to think on.



Blogger supersimbo said...

nice chad nice..............keep up this stuff, its just real innit?

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