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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Switchfoot: Nothing Is Sound

For some, this has been a long wait....for others, no big deal. I wasn't sure where I stood.

The release of Switchfoot's new effort Nothing Is Sound was yesterday. Okay, I believe. They are frikin' great! This CD is stellar. Don't take my word for it. Hear for yourself.

Here is the interesting part. It is not about the actual music that has me intrigued so much. It is the Copy Control (IFPI) aspect. I must say that I was a little frustrated to find out that I cannot put the new disc that was purchased at Best Buy into my iTunes. One can use Windows Media Player and Mac:OK, but not iTunes.

I had heard a few people talk about this, but I bought the disc anyway. This could very well be part of the evolving music industry, so I find myself standing on the verge of never buying another CD packaged for retail again. iTunes is my library. My central brain of musicality. A bit of heaven if you will. Had I purchased the record from worries. Switchfoot's Nothing Is Sound would be a part of "happy place" (my musical library). For now, the new release will have to wait.

Columbia, Switchfoot's label home, might be ahead of the curve, or "around the corner" as I tend to say, but I would dare say that there will be many a human frustrated to find that this specific release doesn't want to play nice with the rest of the children (on my computer).

Inconvenience could be the word that sums this all up.


Blogger Paula said...

are you able to rip it into your windows media player, than move it into itunes?

9:12 PM  
Blogger mattroden said...

I got a special copy thru Interlinc that didn't have the copy code. I hate you can't import it, it is a great CD. I'm giving out a few copies to students next Wednesday. Check my blog when you get a shot, bro!

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have a mac, it will copy with no issues whatsoever. Just pop it in.

If you have a windows PC, AND ASSUMING YOU DID NOT CONSENT TO INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER THAT CAME ON THE SWITCHFOOT CD WHEN YOU FIRST INSERTED IT, simply hold down the left shift key as you insert the disc into your computer, with iTunes running, and hold it there about 20 seconds. Then it will import as a normal CD in iTunes, and transfer easily to your iPod.

If you DID install the software that was on the Switchfoot CD, you have enabled the copy protection on your computer, and it cannot be uninstalled. The only workaround, short of the dangerous advice which I will not give of disabling a particular system file, is to try "System Restore" to go back to before you first inserted the CD, and then try again, using the advice above.

My reading friends: Don't steal music! This advice is simply for you if you wish to copy music YOU ALREADY OWN onto your own computer, without quality loss.

Foo Fighters and Jim Brickman are among artists who've had their recent work copy controlled, and I know this workaround works, because I have used it to copy their CDs that I already bought, and simply want to take with me. Like Chad, I use iTunes.

By the way, it's not only ineffective, but pretty dumb for music companies to try to control piracy by putting restrictions (ones that are easy to circumvent) on people WHO HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED THE MUSIC and simply want to use it the way people have always used music they buy.

It's even more silly that legitimate music buyers who really do want to do the right thing (and do) are penalized for that, while the peer-to-peer thieves just keep on downloading.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I put in the cd and disabled autorun while iTunes is running, but yet it did not detect the CD. I have the latest version of iTunes too (v. 7.5)!!

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just use Yahoo Music Jukebox to import the CD and locate it on your hardrive and open the music files in iTunes..

11:40 AM  

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