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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The W.C. (Williamson County)

So guess what....I just found out that we are poor. No really, as far as the area we live in is concerned my wife and I are poor. I have never thought of myself as poor, broke maybe, but not poor.

When I think of poor, I think of the parts of the world that literally live on $1 a day or something. People in third world countries are poor. For real though, there are a few thousand that live in our area that really do have a hard time living on what they make (or don't make), but for the most part WE don't have a frikin clue to what POOR really is.

It's all about perspective. With the W.C. being the most wealthy county in Tennessee and 8th wealthiest in the U.S., things are not reality around here. One day last week from my office (my 1/2 office that I share w/ Nate) to my house, which is about 2 1/2 miles, I noticed 4 Mercedes, 4 BMWs, around 17 SUVs (including 5 Land Rovers and 3 Escalades), 1-2 Jaguars, and 1 Farrari looking-Acura sports car thing.

Sometimes it's hard to keep perspective around here. I have known several people that have moved from the W.C. because they didn't want the pressure of raising their children in an area like this. To each his own.

In Williamson County, where median household incomes are $72,188 in the Cool Springs area and $110,142 in Brentwood, a household income of $60,000 is considered to be on the low end.

I'll just say that my wife and I aren't even close to being IN the low end. BUT, we are happy, healthy, and blessed. One day though, it would be cool to crack that low end bracket. ;)

Read one of the stories in the Tennessean HERE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come to CA....


10:12 PM  
Blogger *The Blogstar said...

SP- Uhhh. I said that I was broke....



10:31 PM  

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