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Thursday, November 09, 2006

An Interesting Day

One day last week, I had a strange day. It started out fairly normal...ya' know hanging out at a local influencers event filled with media, musicians, businessmen, artists, music industry peeps, and pastors. Including Pastor Reggie (Tennessee Titans chaplain), Michael W. Smith, the VP of Tivo, some Big Idea guys (Veggie Tales) and several others...ya' know normal stuff. I got a free Tivo box on the way out. Nice.

After that, I headed over to my favorite Cool Springs hang out "It's A Grind" coffee dive. While seated across a table from an intense business fellow looking to eat someone's face off, I couldn't help over hear 4 different conversations ranging from topics like "worship", church, music, psychics, influence, and media. Before you think I'm a putts, I couldn't HELP over hearing these convos. It was crowded close quarters and no one seemed to be trying to hold the volume level down.

The conversations made me stop to think about some things. Most people (myself included) always seem to be asking questions. Even people of faith don't have all the answers to all of live's questions. Hmmm. We sure do like to act like we do though. With that in mind, the very next conversation had to do with hypocrisy. Someone said "I am just so tired of all the "church people" playing as if life is great, when their lives are @$%# at home....come real for Christ sake". I have actually engaged on some of these stimulating talks before, but to be honest, I didn't feel like engaging on this raining day. I am sure people in pubs, bars, and coffee shops all over the world are filled with these kinds of conversations everyday.

This morning I listened to a sermon from Rob Bell on some of these topics. "It's okay to say I don't know", says Rob. He went on by saying something like....All I know is I am supposed to love God, and love people. By doing that, there will be something beautiful that begins to happen. We will begin to bring the Kingdom of God to earth by the way we demonstrate love as we live life.

Seems to me that if we could possibly stop trying to be liked, valued, and self-promoting believers we might actually be enabled to engage in life altering interaction with a world that feels the void of truth and authenticity. In my opinion we have too many "car salesmen" type believers out there. Everyone is out to sell something. Faith in a Holy God shouldn't be sold, it should be real.

The rest of the day I was doing a lot of thinking, praying, reading, and listening. Not much talking.


Anonymous Cindy T said...

Interesting indeed. Sounds like you had a day full of a bunch of things to get your attention for some reason. I have had those before. Sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are bad. Either way, it is good to stop, pay attention, and listen.

Thanks for sharing.


4:09 PM  
Anonymous Jasmine Thompson said...

I think I was there that day. Probably while you were there. Now I know what you look like.

Jasmine Thompson

10:20 AM  
Blogger Life with Brock Gill said...


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