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Monday, May 21, 2007


Brian brings some good questions, but w/o suggesting any answers. You might replace the words “Worship Industry” with the words “Emergent Church Industry” and have the same kind of discussion.

Your thoughts?

HT: Los


Anonymous Cindy said...

Brian seems to be a smart guy. He makes some interesting questions. I am sometimes discussed by some of the "industry" talk.

Aren't there bigger and better topics that we should be spending our time on?

Some of my thoughts.


7:58 AM  
Blogger supersimbo said...

"he is TOO SMART ..............but he asks loads questions & never "really" gives answers thus creating a kind of havoc that is very subtle!"

someone once told me that & im starting to believe its true!

4:14 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hm. I think we touched on this trend when I interviewed you last summer for my senior project. And I have felt the continual frustration of "modern worship" being this cookie cutter sort of existence. What we've made it is often mundane or superficial (or both.) But my struggle to "feel" God in worship services often leaves the finger pointing back at me.

So...McLaren has some good points. But about the "pressure" on lead worshippers...there is a necessary burden of responsibility, because it's part of the calling. Leading others in worship is not a simple task sometimes (as I'm sure we both can relate.) But when it comes to this expectation of feel-good music and a certain style with a certain's not the point. It's just image and hype.

My best friend is doing her senior journalism project on modern worship in the emerging church. Perhaps I'll send her your way to get some thoughts. Is there an e-mail address or a good way for her to contact you?

Hope Franklin's treating you well.


10:02 PM  
Blogger Darryl Markowitz said...

I agree. But a problem with many leaders and followers is they are afraid to stress the PERSONAL responsibilty, the true extent of that. If one seeks, they find, but this seeking is within. If they are looing outside, no wonder they come uop empty. See

11:22 PM  
Blogger Darryl Markowitz said...

I agree. However, many leaders and followers do not stress the PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL responsibility to seek the Holy Spirit. Seek and ye shall find is from within. Hmm, they go to a service and leaders put on a show...isn't much of this all from the outside? Stirring up emotions is not the same thing as an individual seeking and finding within that Spirit of truth. See

11:26 PM  
Blogger *The Blogstar said...

Good comments peeps.

Ally, you are probably right... dude is too smart on some things. Good for discussion.

Rachel, good to hear from you. Good thoughts. Well said. Have your friend email me at OR

Darryl, I'll check out he site.

Continue thinking forward.

AND TO ANONYMOUS whos comment I just deleted, how about getting your own blog and go write your rant book on there. :)


1:12 PM  

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