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Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Trip To The Vet


I am not a fan of the Vet. I love my dogs, but knowing what goes on behind closed doors....uhh, freaks me out. Naturally I don't dig the human doctor either.

As I entered the office of our regular Vet, I started to think that I entered an alter-dog-world. Better than an alter-cat-world...I'm pretty sure that would be hell. Anyways, as me and Oscar had a seat I heard a lady's voice engaged in an in-depth conversation. As the conversation when on I slowly figured out that the lady was totally having a conversation with her HUGE german shepard/ something that seemed to be foaming at the mouth, hence the Vet visit. From what I could hear, the communication was one sided. I never heard the dog speak back. Maybe the lady had a Dr Dolittle thing happening. I started looking around for a camera. Was I being Punkd'?

Don't get me wrong, I talk with me dogs too. I don't leave my conversation open ended though. Maybe this sweet lady is lonely...or just strange.

Another thing that I realized by the time I left...they never called me by name. It was all Oscar. Now, I don't have to always be the focus, but I was paying the bill. Oscar doesn't have a bank account.

I could go on, but I've shared enough.


Anonymous Utobia said...

I feel the same way about cats. Hate 'em. My neighbor once told me about this old lady who had to be taken out of her home by officals because she had...get this...4 HUNDRED cats in her house. 250 of them were dead. She was a recluse with some mental disorder that caused her to--well, keep 400 cats in her house. They also said that on every flat surface there was a layer of cat poo 2 inches thick. I'm not kidding, dude.

So, thanks for adding me to your blog. I'll be back around.


3:23 PM  

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