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Monday, July 24, 2006

It Is America...

Among Thorns was a "nice" Christian Rock name. We had a few shall we say "non-fans".

It takes all kinds.


Blogger *The Blogstar said...

I should add that I am not a fan of label. What if we just had music? Would christian life type lyrics still make it Christian JUST for Christians?

Theres a lot of good music that the world will never hear b/c it is stuck in the Contemporary Christian / Gospel section in between Comedy, and Easy Listening.

Just thinking.


3:26 PM  
Anonymous Steven said...

That's funny. Where was this?

Who shops for Christian Music anyway? iTunes Inspirational section looks pretty cool. Online things tend to be equal unlike the stores (your example).

Rock ON!


4:15 PM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

What makes that picture even funnier is that it's from a concert I went to in Chattanooga with Sara Groves, Bebo Norman, and Fernando Ortega. Sara said it was the first time her music had been called 'rock'.

11:40 PM  
Blogger *The Blogstar said...

Stephen- That's AWESOME. Bebo and I actually talked about this the other and some friends compared stories and such. I think the same people came to see us.

I wish I had some other pics from a few years ago at a gig in VA.


11:48 PM  
Blogger Scooby said...

Oh good heavens...these people must believe that Jesus sang hymns. Complete and absolute ignorance and failure to do our homework, that is one of the many reasons why the world hates us.

11:21 AM  

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