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Monday, July 18, 2005

YEC 05 (DFW)

SAT I was a part of the SBTC YEC 05 (lots of letters conference) in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX.

Over 2000 teenagers and such were singing, laughing (probebly at us), smiling, and jumping with us as we headlined this years conference.

It is always good to see that young people everywhere enjoy rocking out during their response to God in musical worship. I have hopes that the church in general would catch the heart and vision that "church time and worship time" doesn't have to just be chill and conservative.

I was really hoping that the gig was going to be amazing, because we had one of the worst flight situations that I have ever experienced. I had 3 hrs sleep and got on stage, but it was great!

Thanks YEC. Muchas Lovas to the new friends and fans!


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