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Friday, July 22, 2005

Funny Story From The Road

Alright so yesterday me and the guys are on our way out of town headed for Indianapolis, IN when something kinda' funny happened.

Around 8:30am (rush hour) close to downtown Nashville we heard a loud noise from the back our trailer (you musicians are already forecasting the situation). After almost 8 years of touring without this happening, our trailer door came open and out came.........

....something!!! We pulled over to check it out, locked up the trailer (for all you young bands out there, you should actually shut AND lock the trailer door before moving your vehicle of choice). Anyway, after coming back to the scene, we noticed that the only thing that came out onto the the highway (during morning rush hour) was our very large ramp made out of wood and metal!

Two of the guys tried to play frogger with their lives to retrieve the massive gear loading assistant, and with the help of TDOT and Metro Police we reloaded our casualty and continued our journey to Indy.

For the record no one was hurt...make no mistake, we are very happy about that.

The crowd at Fuel 2005 at Taylor University were great! Thanks for buying lots of our merch and for pledging to help World Vision tend to many children in Africa.


Blogger TrĂ©e said...

Small world. Just blog surfing and I find a fellow Franklin resident. Best of luck to you.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Kathryn said...

that's hilarious! the same thing happened to us too. . when we were borrowing downhere's van and trailer back a couple of years ago, in the winter. . . driving on highway 401 (very busy highway!) there was a ton of snow, we were having 'one of those gigs' *starting off BAD*. . . our lead guitar guy and bass player packed the trailer and didn't lock it!!! Someone passed us and pointed frantically to our back. . .our 'packers' looked at each other and said "did you lock the trailer door?" . . . "No!, i thought you did!!!" BAH!!!!
We pulled over and saw our kick drum hanging near the edge of the trailer opening, covered in salt and slush! everything else in the trailer was similarly doused in road salt.

Nothing fell out!!! we had been driving for several kilometers. . . man!!! we arrived at the gig VERY late. . . the weather was really against us that day. . .that is one of our infamous band memories!

when i read this, i just had to post a comment!!!

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's funny!!!! Glad no one got hurt.


1:55 PM  

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